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Playing With My Heart (Voegele Kate)

A little tough love Never hurt nobody Never saw this coming This side of me I know where you're goin' With your sugar-laced talkin' And it wasn't too hard to see You think you got me Right where you want me You think you got the whole story I think that a proper fair warning Might serve you well So I'm here to tell you It's not too late To do yourself a favor And walk away Though I know that's never been your nature By the way, you've put yourself in danger cause you're Playing with my heart Playing with my heart You're playing with my heart Every good girl's got a real good reason To believe in breaking All the rules sometimes And I'm that girl baby, you're that reason And your scheming Has caused me to cross the line You lie but I'm a pretty good liar You chose a game I can play better You're bright, oh, but baby, I'm clever So you might as well Let me tell you Chorus For Heaven's sake, what are you thinking baby? You won't catch what you've been chasing Trust me when I say I can keep you running But I'm not coming oh, I won't come around Chorus