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I Crave You (Shontelle)

Mmmmmm woooo yea yea Traveling down this rocky road So hard to do it all alone So I really need you To help me to move along All my sunshine's gone away All my blue skies turning gray It's like the ocean's all dried up and empty (empty) So I really hope you understand All the reasons why I can't pretend That I don't need your love And I can't ever break the chains I crave you, I breathe you, I taste you I see you in my dreams I'll never replace you, escape you, crazy as it seems You said you'll never go any where But every time I look around boy you gonna dissapear Still I cry still I try to save you Baby boy I crave you (crave you) Don't you know I love you Don't you know I love you So I see the sun rise The tears falling from my eyes Longing for you baby And it makes my world so crazy Oh now the pain is killing me, baby can't you save me Won't you come, come to me, to me Cause you got me trapped inside and now I can't escape I'm scarred so deeply and now I can't erase the pain Boy text me for a while Why you coming at me It brings so much struggle and I strive Karma brings so much pain ain't I'm in lie Me sing still You said you would'a never hurt me, never lie And I never wanna splurt from in and I'm in lie Still you only come and ah-use me (and ah-use me) And it breaks me hard still you abuse me (you abuse me) You got me hanging like a puppet from a string You was the only ting I take control and I'm in lie So why you coming at me ups 'n moving You gonna turn me like some kinda Ara movie What kind of thing you bring to all me suffering, And still me wanna sing Do anything to obviou Me sing, me sing -me really, really, really love you Ohhhhhh Don't You know I love you I'm begging you please don't leave me no no