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Hey Ladies (Black Knights)

If you really want it... That's if you really want it... That's if you really want it... Hey, Ladies if you really want it, we can get it cracking, oh yeah That's if you really want it Hey ladies, if you really want it, we can get it cracking, oh yeah That's if you really want it I love hoes -- oops, I mean pretty bitch Thick thighs, big brown eyes, with dick on your mind That love to polish the dick, til they see the big shine See you hoes, I did it up to her, out for hustling for mines Seems like all I do is hustle with rhymes, or chuck a rhyme when I spit And she drop down to her panty lines So I dropped a few with the bar, and they gave me a few Dropped a few more at the label, and they gave me a deal I'm like a lover for the ecstasy pill, that's why I spit the best shit To make your ex-bitch on ecstasy switch She cop now, she turn now, she making me speak Cause I know how to get shit cracking, in this game Game of chasing whem I'm dicking these hoes Fake bitches, yo I'm sick of these hoes I just wanna stick my dick in they holes You ain't a dime, you a chicken in clothes, I clip your wings Pluck the feathers off your back and make a casserole She fast to roll with an old nigga, even though She be 18 in June, I'll be in that soon Leave your window cracked open, I'll be in that room All night get hard wiper, up in that womb I got a call from the Doctor of Doom, he said Fuck this solo bolo mission, I got a whole platoon of hoes (now that's what's up) Blastin' a cup, her ass on my nuts, harassin' my dick Kidnapping my sons, by swallowing cum That's when my body got numb, her name was Pussy Galore She was the finest of whores, her coochie never got sore She wore, suits made of valor (yeah, glass up, backing that ass up, out on the floor) Hello there, mama, I'mma pop a lot Black Tech boy, puffin' on some sticky marijuana Do the honor, baby you can give me some head I'm not a trick though, maybe he can give me some bread I'm P the weasel, never P the weeney, get it right You know your bitch ass boyfriend, can't hit it right You commited right? So all that mean, is y'all sleep in the same bed So keep it calm, givin' the same head, you gave me and him Strip clubs, pussy holes, navigator, yeah, nigga, we be in there If you wondering what I want, it's simple and plain The neurologist, baby, all I want is them brains The sound of sweet sugar rain dripped on my window pane Caramel cinnamon clit, lick my candy cane stick Soon as the chronic was lit, chocolate factory We gradually moved accross the dance floor sippin' Daquiri Dramatic words spoke, like, music to her ear Turned around, seen her friend, like, what do we have here? You'se a starter, and you should be the captain of my team Women's lead, lead them hoes to swollen pounds of purple weed Smoke it for me please My name is Monk, love, let's stop at untouchables and get a dove Sack of Hawaiian gold and the nice clothes Four 0, from the liquor store, you know we popping You the Hollywood type, still dickin' for an Oscar So you in the hood, like I lay down gangsta kike Niggaz is right, you can graduate and get that ice I light up your neck, wrist, and ankle with the things you adore But I don't pop out, baby, I pop more If you really want it, you got it, black Pocahontas Give head to violence, I beat the pussy til it's red dropping You want some money, bitch, I bank your Prada That ain't my steeze, just put on capri's down to your knees True indeed, don't clip cheese, so there go these nuts in your mouth Let the Sharp Shooter bust in your mouth Soon as I finish I be rushing you out, unless you talking cash And if you talking cash, baby, what's the amount?