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Silver Rays (Django Django)

Just get it going 'cause I can't get started It doesn't matter if you can't say no You say I'm never gonna be dishearted You only tell me what I need to know It doesn't matter if it left us stranded I'll build a raft and tow us back to shore It's not the way that anybody planned it You know we should have thought about all this before I'll climb up high to all the furthest branches And gather fruit from all the tallest trees You always said that we should take our chances Watch the dust blow for a change of breeze We venture out into the great uncharted So far away from any beaten track Enjoy it now before it's all departed You know that once it's gone that there'll be no way back Silver rays ricochet And dance across the golden floor Silver rays you can stay And let me drift away from shore Silver rays shadows play And become the one that I adore Silver rays cast away And illuminate forever more