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Faa (Space Eater)

Temperature is rising, incineration starts Sound of all explosions is shaking every heart Time is right to panic as enemies have struck Excessive pride has brought to this and now you´re out of luck Heat reduces concrete, steel and glass to ash As all rest unprepared for the final clash Terror falls upon, no time left to react All vanished before your eyes in... Flames across America, the outcome is severe Rabid fires ablaze the skies, no one sheds a tear Terror breeds new terror, safety´s just a dream Extreme deeds are answered with deeds just as extreme Fear - a brand new feeling, detriment and pain No sanctuary to be found in hours of disdain Conclusion of a story, ending is complete No one´s left, not a soul, none to roam the streets Apocalyptic sunset, nights that bring no rest Rats will rule the ruins, cinders of the past Fate has now decided to give final test Solution to all problems is... The answer to oppressive times. Hatred\'s full release Flames across America, giant´s on its knees Land of grief disbelief vaporize before your eyes All the flames are to remain In barren wastelands created by human hands Years of hate now culminate Not seen before, now can´t ignore Deadly force just takes its course Time slips away, It´s pouring the final grains of sand From fire hear the callings, curses of the millions burned Lethal result of your blindness, once that all the tables turned Screams of your agony will haunt you and your foes are laughing hard Sacrifice for selfish interests as you play your final card Turning everyone against you; awesome tactic, dare I say Soon there´ll be no allies left and the entire world will look away