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Driveway (Making April)

So we pull into your driveway I don’t want you to leave The stars get your attention I lean back in my seat and we just talk And listen to the mix that you had made me days before And I was never good at this Insinuating lines that might lead to that first kiss So roll your eyes with every awkward line I fumble Until I get this right Was I wrong to take this bound ‘Cause I’m in love with what I found But you’re coy and you’re holding things back And I know you but I can’t see through These doors that you won’t let me in I guess I’ll turn around, I’ll turn around, and go Well I’ll just go And I’ll wake up with this taste of A bitter sweet despair ‘Cause holding you is like fighting for A final breath of air that drifts the room tonight I’m getting tight and I can feel you falling off So give me one more chance I’ll take this One more shot I’ll make this One more feeling I can’t get from anyone but you, but you I guess I’ll wait around, I’ll wait around