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Safe But Sorry (Making April)

Picked up some rocks right off your street That I could throw at your window, wake you from your sleep Come down the stairs and out your door And you know just what I came here for We'll find a place we can hide We'll set all of our cares and clothes aside Blood races under your skin And with my hands just right you'll let me in We're tangled up from my head to your toes If it's the love you love, then why let go? But if you have to decide Well could you maybe wait till we get inside? (Say something sweet cause all we have is A night we can't keep and can't get back And it's falling out from underneath our feet The lights on the street they set our stage And you're gonna have to face the plans you made And they're falling through and onto you and me You'll be safe but sorry) I know your dreams and you know I care But if you leave me here we can't meet there Caught in between our separate roads But aren't you curious to find where this one goes? How could you ever pretend? When it doesn't feel a damn thing like the end Safe from anything that you might feel Safe from anything that's just too real Safe from anything I'd do But sorry that you said it's through You'll be safe but sorry, safe but sorry Whoa oh whoa oh You'll be safe but sorry, you'll be safe but sorry. Ba ba da da, ba ba da, ba da da, da da da Ba ba da da, ba ba da, ba da da, da da da Ba ba da da, ba ba da, ba da da, da da da