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My Love Is Gone (The Reason)

I've been away, been away, been away too long And I've been gone, gone twenty seven days, haven't been so strong I got some bad blood rushing through my veins as it rots my bones Now the lone, lone devil on my shoulder says my love is gone There must be something in the way, cause it won't come back I ain't got one thing I could say, I could say no more I made my way, made my way, made my way back home I got used to living for the day, now I live alone I could say, I'm okay, I;m okay though I know I'm not This heart in me has been replaced and it's made of stone I think you should get away, get away from me before I start to rust Before the pain, pain, pain in my stomach turns my bones to dust Oh, it's such a shame, shame, shame, I complain though I know I'm wrong Now I got nothing left to say except my love is gone Now I got nothing left to say except my love is gone There's nothing wrong at all