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Work With Me (The Reason)

If I could read your mind I would make a start And find a better way to speak to your heart If I could read your eyes, I could see it through You look, look away, look at what its come to, girl Cause how could you be down, how could I be sweet If I am just the one that you don't believe? Forgetting the right, remember the wrong It eats you up inside, how can we go on? My baby don't be that way You worry 'bout it too much Have we run out of things to say? Have we said too much? Whatever you want from me Don't worry 'bout anything Late one night as I lie asleep With my eyes shut tight, I'm gonna have a dream, here it goes You wake up in the morning and you look outside into the big, big yard, why would you stay inside? Cause you know That in our big, big house on a quiet street We be makin' love like you don't believe Tonight's one night and a dreams a dream But makin' all rights not hard, hard, hard as it seems If you work with me So baby don't be that way Don't worry 'bout it too much Because we'll run out of things to say If we say too much You know whatever you want from me Don't worry 'bout anything And if your girlfriends say that our love is wrong To pack a big, big bag til your love is gone, and to go Don't listen to them, don't listen to me Listen to your heart, listen to that beat Don't you worry 'bout what think They don't mean a thing to us Let them say what they need to say It don't mean too much Because whatever we want to be Don't worry 'bout anything