Hamburger Lady (Throbbing Gristle)

By far, worst is the hamburger lady We must heal them for the qualified technicians, Worse Alternating nights, unrelievedly She's lying there. Hamburger Lady Hamburger Lady She's dying She is burned from the waist up On her arm Her ear is burned off, her nose is burned off, her eyelashes are burned, her fingers are burned She can't hold anything up and with medical advances, there's no end in sight for the hamburger lady When somebody tells you there’s a level of pain beyond the human mind The lady on the potty-chair Leave her, She's not burned from the waist down That’s what keeps her alive The tubes and the nightmares Hamburger Lady Hamburger Lady He was okay when he went to go change the tubes Tubes in her legs, and tubes in her arms and he managed okay Then it came out and saw one of the burn nurses at the desk, eating a can of chilli-mac and he flashed on the carpet, and he flashed on the floor The hamburger lady, She came to rest They’re squeamish can’t work with her and keep their meal down the “qualified technicians” Hamburger Lady Hamburger Lady