Slug Bait (Throbbing Gristle)

Slug bait Can't wait Slug slug bait Can't can't wait I crawl up the grass to your window And then open up your room very slow. Slug bait Can't wait I walk into your bedroom Then I look at you with your seven months pregnant womb Slug bait Can't can't wait I get your husband to your front bedroom I cut his balls of with my knife KNIFE I make him eat them right there In front of his pregnant wife WIFE He's into his balls off I look at him very slow Slug slug bait Can't can't wait As he bleeds to death on the floor I want you to say don't do any more Slug slug bait Can't cannot cannot wait I look at your big heavy stomach It's already moving a little bit with your baby I use the carving knife from your kitchen I start to perform the operation You say "No, no don't do that!" I say, "I don't give a ... cat's whiskers." Slug bait Can't wiat [Note: yes this is actually what he says!] I pull out your baby I chew his hand off with my teeth I lick him clean It's obscene As you bleed to death I kill it I'm just a wicked boy Slug slug bait bait Can't can't wait wait Slug slug bait Can't Can't wait Slug bait