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House Of Cards (Crown Of Glory)

Why do you run from me? You know you cannot escape from me I’m sorry, but there is no way out Searching, always searching for a way Out of an endless maze With traps and tricks to catch the innocent Realize you brought this down on yourself So you see what you wanted Your sick and twisted lie turned back on you You played your cards so well But we both know you cheat The construct of lies will fall Like a house of cards one blow from caving in So tell me was it worth the price? Can you still look me in the eyes? Tell me, I guess I don’t understand Are you surprised to see me here? The scales fell from my eyes It’s such a shame what you’ve become Oh! I never did believe A single word you say You always try to bend the truth I know Such a hypocrite to me Now you got what you deserve You should pull a card And you pulled out the bottom one You played all your cards I won fair in square Next round’s on you I didn’t care Try as you might But what’s the use of trying? I control the cards I’ll deal them as I wish Your house of cards Built up with lies Collapsed on you It’s far too late You knocked it down You can’t blame me The blame’s on you Why can’t you see?