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King For A Day (Crown Of Glory)

So what are you waiting for? Just play your whole hand until it’s through Life’s waiting in front of you Just open up the door and let it in You’ve prayed for better days Common get your head out of your ass It’s like you against the world Defy the storm and you will make the day It’s time to break the spell The world lies at your feet It’s time to leave the cage The world is yours All that you had prayed for Forget all about blood, sweat and tears Just keep your head held high You’ll become king for one day There’s nothing to be afraid of Don’t care about the things they’ve said and done Just keep your head held high You’ll become king for a day Life’s too short to compromise Straight forward, the time is here and now Don’t care what might have been Stop thinking about the things you cannot change Live your dream don’t dream your life Go on get your chance don’t hesitate Forge your own destiny Every moment counts 'cause there’s no second chance