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Mirror, Mirror (Crown Of Glory)

Mirror, mirror on the wall You're the one that shows it all Can you tell me what's the meaning Food for oil became oil for blood A little different as they're told Look at the ruins down my feet No-one warned us when we went To bring the peace to foreign lands All hope now is buried in the sand Eden's never been so far away Seems out of reach We have never been so many But we never felt so alone We cry for love We cry for mercy When do we start to practice what we are preaching They talked of honour, they talked of pride Never thought so many died We've learned the hard way that they all lie Fear at night, I shed a tear The cries still linger in my ears The dreadful sights won't disappear Can't close my eyes, can't fall asleep The fallen ones wont let me go Their screams are echoes here forever Eye for an eye, till all been blind No peace of mind, no hope to find So welcome back on Devils playground