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Morpheus Dream (Crown Of Glory)

I still can remember Drifting among the spheres of time Everything is fading And I am alone I’m torn inside Blinded by the moment Standing before the lord of dreams He knows me and my fears I’ll lay down my head I close my weary eyes In Morpheus dream I can heal my wounds In Morpheus dream I can heal my soul Watching, waiting, hoping Hear you call out my name Taunt me, haunt me, catch me I’m not afraid to sleep Chaos, anger, sadness I’m afraid to wake up Disguising, deception, illusion, It’s the price that I pay A moment of meaning I saw the truth before my eyes I knew all the answers Don’t know what the questions are It suffused my mind I’ve heard a song of my life That whispered in my head A new dawn a new day Embraces the world And time stood still