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One Fine Day (Crown Of Glory)

Some days will fade to gray Good times seem far away Who knows what future holds ‘Cause life knows all the dirty tricks Each time you find yourself Lying flat on your face That’s life, you can’t deny Pick yourself up get back into race From the cradle to the grave This is the only life I’ll live I just can’t complain The joy of life is worth the pain Fate gives the stick on me Life left some scars you’ll see! I won’t get off the track I haven’t come this far to quit right now Been loosing many fights But I won’t lose my faith Will give it one more try I grab my chance, I still believe I go all the way to my dreams Destiny guides me along dusty roads ‘Cause I choose to be free to be me This is my time and my life and I do it my way I’ve learnt from my mistakes I’m standing up again Pick up my broken dreams The paths we chose decide our fate Believe in what I am Ready to ride for a fall I step up to the plate What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger