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Pathfinder (Crown Of Glory)

Gazing starlight, the full moon is rising The book of fate, dreams and forgotten Tales is re-open once more Long for mercy while I've walked Through the ages, leave centuries behind me See that freedom has a meaning for me Come on howling with me Close your eyes Glance at paradise I saw Atlantis rising Take your chance Life is a fairytale Be not just one of a kind Free your mind Reaching for ever life Don't you follow the blind Take your choice Dive into the mystery Take a deep breath of life Path forlorn, long and winding before me Find me walking on the wind The horizon is telling me I'm near So many reasons to leave all behind me without hesitation Eternity is just a heartbeat away Won't you take a trip with me There's a million ways behind me Still a million ways to go Where it starts I can't remember Where it ends I'll never know There's a little piece of heaven that is hidden in your life Find that moment, try to capture And this is how it's meant to be