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Saviour (Crown Of Glory)

Life struck me, pulled the trigger There’s nothing left to lose Let me know if there’s something worth living for Back from where I was started I’ve been here far too long How many ears I walked this path alone You came along and saved me You caught me when I fell You broke my shell and all these chains that held me Release my tortured heart The loneliness is tearing me apart Give me the reasons for a fairytale gone bad Thought that I knew it all But then the world became my master There is no way out when you are falling down Oh! Come on and kiss away my pain Erase my memories Look at the fragments of my life Illusions never change Change into something that is real I beg for you to come ‘Cause you will always be my savior You’ll always be my last resort Back on my feet I’m standing But I can hardly walk Oh! Let your hands embrace my broken heart You’ve turned the night into day Changed darkness into light Give me the strength to fight these daily races