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The End Of The Line (Crown Of Glory)

The earth is crying out for mercy Seems no one’s gonna hear her scream We all walk straight in wrong directions Are we much too blind to understand? This is the only ground for living No other planet we can go to (or is there anyone you know?) Realize nobody can eat money Why did it take so long to understand? Wake up! You fool! Look all the things we’re gonna fade out to be free Oh! Wasted chances These visions I see scare me more than you will ever know If there are no more eagles gonna ride the open sky And no more whales that cross the seven seas Realize somehow we’ve reached the end of the line We are caught in a world that slowly dies, that slowly dies Extinction gets a new dimension Why doesn’t anyone believe? Subdue the earth and all that’s living Something we must have misunderstood We call ourselves „pride of creation“ Pride always comes before the fall (you want the most and lose it all) I got a truth that might surprise you No one cares when we all disappear