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The Lament of the Wind (Crown Of Glory)

Now, now it's the time to say farewell my son I'm here all alone, my heart filled with pain I know its the end of all our dreams You left me to stay, gods what a day Oh I wish you back right here in my arms Light brings back the pain I cant escape... It's too late... All that's left is just the pain inside of me In my dreams I can see you fly again, son I hear the lament of the wind In my dreams I see you fly again, son You were my light but now you're gone Now you're gone Feel the oceans breeze, the wind in my hair The agony hurts deep inside If I could turn back time, this time I would You did had no chance to be what you could Oh, life is unfair, no justice at all The one who's full of life, the gods bring to fall... All... Tell me god, is this the price I have to pay?