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The Prophecy (Crown Of Glory)

There's a place we call Earth A paradise lost Almost Eden before we all exist Loot the planet and what all live on it Its subjection brutality No more trust, Hope is lost Society is sick Realise it's the price we have to pay See the road now has come to an end No solutions, no time to spend Time to see what we have done Time to realise what has begun Mother Earth exploited and raped Stop destroying of paradise Kill, Steal, Lie - Till' all beauty has died Cheat, Fool, Heap - We are living in golden chains See the cradle of filth We're parasite like Sucking off all the energies of life Greed and envy are real Human scourges Slaves of our own reality Stop the madness Find back to the things We have lost on that long and winding road It's not easy but possible Let's work together and we will win