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Was a Friend (Wyatt Robert)

Furry kind of greeting, not exactly hostile, Not exactly facing, not exactly turning away, Not exactly frowning, not exactly smiling. Lurking by the door Without a sign of wanting to move. Though hardly friendly, not an angry gesture Did it make. Just quite unnerving. It's been a long time. I almost forgot were we buried the hatchet. "Bin a long time no see", (pidgin English Native to none). After several silences A cautious head nod. This could take forever. Did it want to come for a dig? It did Not answer. I was feeling restless at the door, Ashamed of my fears. Where WAS the hatchet? Suddenly was gone. I woke up Feeling stupid. No-one else awake Though dawn was only minutes away. Quietly I rose to fill the morning pee pot. What a silly dream, Not like what really would have occurred. Old wounds are healing. Faded scars are painless just an itch. We are forgiven. It's been a long time.