Real Raw (Craig Mack)

How many know what funk is? Raise your hands You ready for this world? "I can get real raw.." plus my style is hardcore I'm Craig Mack, comin in at your backdoor My rhymes hit hard, no games like ping-pong I'm strong (like who Craig?) Kong! I'm flexin, what's next in, my funk track er****** My licks get the kicks like the Chinese connection Like Damien, the Omen son, I won't run I never ran, fryin MC's like the Sudan Craig Mack is like a loaded four-five Mothers get welfare, fathers won't survive Yo who can get fierce as fierce can get, get set I'm ready, to eat MC's like spaghetti The C-R-A-I-G Mack is back I've blown the world well known, the man's got it sewn Zoom zoom zoom, zoom za-zoom za-zoom Three years of waiting, now here comes kaboom Back off the STEEL kid, let me get my dough You're real slow, get the DICK like a homo Got the name, no games, the outlaw I'm real raw, plus my style is hardcore "I can get real raw.." plus my style is hardcore (4x) Service with the wild style, freak a smile I'm crazier than ever, PLEASE pull my lever Oooh I can't wait, I'm paid, I see him Brothers on my jock, a G for padium MC's that are down please stay down.. CRAIG MACK FOR PRESIDENT! Fuck around My nature's to hate ya, my style of MC'in to dust and crush I bust every human bein Dig it, I'm cool but one rule, don't act fool My four-fifth's a tool, I have aim Hey, hush it down, quiet, I'm speakin Unique technique and style that I am freakin Peakin, speakin like a deacon or a pastor The master, baby, death, okay G? Let's get back to the issue with judicial Weepin willow grab a pillow 'fore I have to diss you I'm concrete, hard as the street, like pavement Leavin heads bleedin, strictly in amazement Surrender, with more 'ups than Alcindor I'll bend ya, you're tender, next agenda "I can get real raw.." plus my style is hardcore (4x) Yeah.. check this out I belong in a hospital insane Life fast lane on the brain like Bruce Wayne A telltale won't fail or get stale Cause I'm stuck like braille as I walk on a 3rd rail Manson's my grandson, not so handsome I'm grotesque -- FUCK IT -- girls still rub my chest I'm G with James Brown, "Give it Up or Turn Me Loose" I'm terror on the red lines, prank phonin Zeus Craig Mack's the brother that attacks at random MC's I slammed em, cause I'm fat as Ralph Cramdem Ras, bumba claat, boy I kill ya MC's I'm a thriller, from here to Manilla Lay down, nothin but facts, jacks The blackjack ace to the beatdown max Relax, this is just wax on my single More chips on my shoulder than the chips made by Pringle So how do you figure? I'm stronger than your liquor Wild Irish Rose, huh, strike a pose I'm death to an MC, below like Jack Dempsey A shark feedin frenzy, on those that tempt me One more score for the war, SEE-YA! I'm real raw, plus my style is hardcore "I can get real raw.." plus my style is hardcore (4x)