Extra Abstract Skillz (Skillz Mad)

We bout to bring em out We bout to bring em out A lot of niggaz in this rap world, come out, and dumb out Me, I bring the bassline and drum out Plus write scriptures, that bust bright pictures When Mad Skillz, ?Cool Reef Daddy? plus Tip Just stepped inside the lab, to keep the Extra Skillz Ab You either true fat or cut the flab On the microphone hot it's Skillz before heat A wack nigga rhymin, kills a raw beat And I got both, bout to cook up a loaf of bread On your motherfuckin head! Yeah, here comes that kid Mad Skillz rippin styles with perfections Makin rappers uncomfortable like they had yeast infections I'm prone to rip microphones, keep rap sewn Step on niggaz domes, leavin crews with Down's Syndrome I'm Skillz, ending out the Extra Abstract Grinding on nouns, hittin verbs from the back It's like that, that's the only way it'll be So if it gets said nigga, it got to be by me I represent V-A well, peace to the Cella Dwell Washing-tons of rappers up, like my first name was Denzel Who want to come test and attempt to come near I shaked your puny record sales and end your career Lookie here, no need to get fly and shit In ninety-five, I'm on sucka MC want to die shit To your chest and watch the mic get ripped Mad Skillz, Extra P, and my brother Q-Tip Huhuhuhuhuhuh like the Doc Bruce Banner Hit you with a ray which is similar to Gamma Do you believe in miracles, ? Like I believe in myself, but I don't believe in you What you need to do is get faith Take your spiritual, out your body, put it in a higher place Cause I'ma bring out, the Holy Ghost in niggaz In my lyrical church, and I be hostin niggaz, uh Submergin bodies in water, you know you oughta Lose all the glitter and flash, and get raw ass I've been ordained by the feeling, to keep the hip-hop Raw hoppin and the wack rappers reeling Who got the shit that make your wigs go back? Yeah, WE GOT THE SKILLZ that be Extra Abstract Who's packin shit to make your wigs go back? Yeah, WE GOT THE SKILLZ that be Extra Abstract Whose got the shit that make your wig go back? Yeah, WE GOT THE SKILLZ that be Extra Abstract Who got the shit that make your wig go back? Yeah, WE GOT THE SKILLZ.. Yo, check the status, I write madness like Sutter Kane Body-snatchin MC's and pullin souls out the frame You know my name, V-A's invincible Mad Skillz Intoxicatin rappers like eight million Advils You comin black, bring your lyrics, fuck a gat Don't play, every real nigga in V-A got my back I come strapped with lyrics and hooks intact You ain't gettin shit, Virginia'll send your demo tape back Don't waste your time tryin to sound like me Nigga treat me like a sleeping lifeguard and just drown for me I take you back like the Ebony Island In the three twenty-five, with your fuckin wife freestylin Uh, like that Mad Skillz, Extra Abstract Keepin it real on the set Yeah, catchin wreck Yeah yeah we bout to blast off Mad Skillz bout to blast off Tribe Called Quest bout to blast off Large Professor bout to blast off All around just blastin off East coast, we bout to blast it off Down South gotta blast it off Uptown you gotta blast it off uh V-A you gotta blast it off