Brief And Beautiful (Arredondo Maria)

ooooh Only had a little taste but i remember how it felt and all the phonecalls late at night though we tried, we couldn`t make it right When the seasons changed everything got colder everyone could hear, our illusion crush it was all we had [chorus] so every minute that i`ve spend with you like the winter, is bringing the blues you and i were like the spring brief and beautiful when we knew we had to let it go and our love turned in to snow we never had a chance to begin brief and beautiful so.... brief and beautiful so.... [verse] when flowers bloom in may i go back to yesterday when i woke up next to you i would bring it all back if i could make it good or bad i know it is too late so i`m movin`on but i won`t forget all that is unsaid [chorus] it was so short(?) it was so sweet like every good thing it`s not yours to keep oh, things fades away and now its gone [chorus]x2