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Let Me Up (I've Had Enough) (Tom Petty)

Work 20 years and they'll take care of you They'll buy you a diamond, they'll send you on a cruise Give it all your money, give it all your time Then wake up one morning and wonder why Chorus Let me up - I've had enough I believe you baby, I know you wouldn't lie Like a dog won't bark, like a bird won't fly Yeah pretty little baby, you're a weapon with eyes I know what you want, but it's a surprise Let me up - I've had enough Yeah, yeah, be honest with me Honey am I what you thought I would be You tell me you love me baby, you'll be true I want to believe you, but I don't know why I do I woke up this mornin', there was a car in the drive I didn't recognize it, who was that guy? (Repeat Chorus) Yeah, yeah, yeah - I tell ya, this is not A question of humility here