Something Big (Tom Petty)

It didn't feel like Sunday Didn't feel like June When he met his silent partner in that lonely corner room That over looked the marquee Of the Plaza all-adult And he was not lookin' for romance Just someone he could trust [Chorus:] And it wasn't no way to carry on It wasn't no way to live But he could put up with it for a little while He was workin' on something big Speedball rang the night clerk Said, "Send me up a drink" The night clerk said "It's Sunday man, ...wait a minute Let me think There's a little place outside of town that might Still have some wine" Speedball said, "Forget it, can I have an outside line? [Chorus] It was Monday when the daymaids Found the still made bed All except the pillows that lay stacked Up at the head And one said, "I know I've seen his face I wonder how he is? The other said, "Probably just another clown Workin' on something big"