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The Winter of '79 (Tom Robinson Band)

All you kids that just sit and whine
 You should have been there back in '79
 You say we're giving you a real hard time
 You boys are really breaking my heart
 Spurs beat Arsenal, what a game
 The blood was running in the drains
 Intercity took the trains
 And really took the place apart
 That was the year Nan Harris died
 And Charlie Jones committed suicide
 The world we knew busted open wide
 In the winter of '79 I'd been working on and off
 A pint of beer was still ten bob
 My brand new Bonneville got ripped off
 I more or less give up trying
 They stopped the Social in the spring
 And quite a few communists got run in
 And National Service come back in
 In the winter of '79
 When Marco's caff went up in flames
 The Vambo boys took the blame
 The SAS come and took our names
 In the winter of '79 It was us poor bastards took the chop
 When the tubes gone up and the buses stopped
 The top people still come out on top
 The government never resigned
 The Carib Club got petrol bombed
 The National Front was getting awful strong
 They done in Dave and Dagenham Ron
 In the winter of '79
 When all the gay geezers got put inside And coloured kids was getting crucified
 A few fought back and a few folks died
 In the winter of '79 Yes a few of us fought
 And a few of us died
 In the winter of '79