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Awake In A Dream (Hoggard Jacob)

I never thought, that one day you'd be come a part of my life still you were always with me when I lay my head down at night could you really be here with me has my wish come true tonight CHORUS: Cuz now, now it seems Im wide awake in this dream And I'll do, ill do anything to stay here forever And if this is a dream Im not going to wake up But if im a wake i wont close my eyes again Though I feel like im flying Im sure my feet are still on the ground Open my eyes, and its amazing how my world has changed when i look around And its like i found a road straight to heaven the road has lead me right here to you Chorus Everything ill ever need, is standing right here in front of me you've given more than ill ever ask for now all i can do is give forever to you Cuz now, now it seems Im wide awake in this dream Chorus originally song by Kalan Porter from Canadian Idol season 2