Somebody Help Me (Sunrise Avenue)

Dmi B F Ami (2x) Dmi B I need to see you right now, F you blow me away, Ami Dmi there's really something here. I need to hold you tight now, I want you in that way, I really think you feel the same. We spent the night in my car, you messed my hair and I needed nothing more. Dmi B Without you I am all right, F I love my life today, Ami B but I love you so much more. F R: Somebody say when the fight is over, Ami my heart is all burned B and nothing can ease the pain. C F I'm falling into something I'm scared, Ami B it's all about her and I can't believe myself, C Dmi I behave like little girls – it's unfair! B F Ami When will this fairytale get easy, B C when will this doubt disappear from my head? Dmi B I took the spoon off my cup, F like you always do, Ami Dmi 'cause it means bad luck in love. Dmi B It's been the day of my life, F but I'm thinking of you. Ami B I seem to miss some-one. R: Somebody say... Dmi F B C Please somebody help me, Dmi F B Ami C B somebody help me. R: Somebody say... Dmi B F Ami Somebody help me.