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The Right One (Sunrise Avenue)

D A Hmi G D A Hmi G D A 1. I don't want you around me today, I just said, Hmi 'cause I need air I don't wanna share G my life with you this way. D A I didn't need to believe that we are something more, Hmi you were just you and we weren't true G until you walked away. D A Hmi R: You know it's the right one, when you lose some-one G and you feel so ashamed how you just didn't get it right. D A Hmi It's always the right one, when you miss some-one G and it hurts like hell and you know you were just blind. 2. I would break every wall in the world to get you back. No, I can't sleep but I'm not awake, I'm feeling way too bad. I can't stand anything that reminds me of you and I just can't stand my friends anymore, who say that I'll be OK soon. R: You know it's the right one... A Hmi G I miss you every day much more than I can say. A Hmi G I hate the world today, it took you far away. R: You know it's the right one... (3x)