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Brave New World (Styx)

The lines are drawn in the sand across the caress of time The lines are drawn in the sand across the caress of time There's a face in the glass Looking through the mirror At the maze of my past It was never clearer On the distant horizon The sun approaches Better cover my eyes Better hide the roaches In the best of my time There was something better And the quest of my mind Was to try and get her Something simple and pure As the thoughts in my head Not the tears in the rain Over me she shed We were almost there Still I was unaware Here in the Brave New World's embrace I watch the parade begin Searching for one familiar face And I wonder where I fit in How will I know if there's a place For me in the Brave New World To be calm in the eye Of the human storm In house full of dreams I am safe and warm Looking back at a life Filled with warm embraces No regrets only memories Of smiling faces We were almost there Now change is in the air Until now I held the zone I ruled the world I called it home I never saw the down side See the now see the Zen There is no division Through the eyes of a child There is perfect vision And the best of our lives Resonate the hills And the sun's gonna shine And you know that I will...