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Great Expectations (Styx)

Everybody will be watching Just to see what can you do They'll be waiting, anticipating For the genius to come through So raise the bar up A little higher They expect so much of you Feel the madness accelerating Cause you feel the same way too Great, Great, Great Expectations Everybody's masturbating Wondering what you're gonna do And all the doctors are contemplating Can the smart ass still pull through Mister big shot With all the answers One more time through the hoop for you Light a fire To the whole thing Feel the flame as you go through Great, Great, Great Expectations Did you think that your ambition Would ever end up in remission Did ya Now did ya Did you think your sacrifices Would turn your dreams into your vices Now did ya How could ya All the cynics & the ciphers Make you question what you do So turn your amp up a little louder To drown out that void in you While the mantra keeps repeating There are dreams you must pursue If you just try a little harder There ain't nothing you can't do Great, Great, Great Expectations