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Just Be (Styx)

Em 1. Did you make your bed? Did you lose your head? Are you still awake G From the things we said 2. You close your eyes But the sleep won't come `Cause you can't escape What's said and done 3. Did you draw the line In the sand again Did you make a stand Out on a limb D Am R: Don't be so hard on yourself C 'Cause you can't change the world D You can't change the world alone Em Just be 4. You drink too much `Cause you think too much It seems so hard to feel All this is real 5. You numb your heart So you feel no pain' Then you miss the bliss of the pouring rain. 6. But there's a brand new day It's a shame to waste It's yours to live It's yours to taste R: Don't be so... (2x)