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Lady (Styx)

D C (2x) D C Lady, when you're with me I'm smiling, D C Give me, oh-all, oh-all, oh-all your love. D C Your hands, build me up when I'm sinking, D G Just touch me, and my troubles all fade. Lady, from the moment I saw you, Standing, oh-all, oh-all, oh-all alone. You gave, all the love that I needed, So shy, like a child who had grown. B A D C R: You're my, lady, of the morning, D C Love shines, in your eye...-eye-eyes. D C Sparkling, clear and lovely, B A D B A You're my, lady. Lady, turn me in when I'm lonely, Show me, all, oh-all, oh-all your charms. Evenings, when you lay down beside me, Just take me, gently into your arms. R: (2x)