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Lonely People (Styx)

Hey, hey out there knock it off, will ya? Hey, give it a rest will ya? I'm tryin' to get some sleep! Want me to call the cops? I tell ya Erma I can't till next week when they start to tear that damn old theatre down. The rain was hot The streets were empty As downtown closed her eyes The movie house Just stood in silence As I said my last good-byes Her silver screen Was stained with memories As Cagney shot them down And as I watched I was that hero In dreamlands lost and found Oh my god Well we both are empty Paradise and me Do you believe I'm still chasing rainbows When everywhere I see Lonely people, lonely people Up above these ghetto streets In penthouse suites They sit and stare Lonely people, lonely people They smile and say they're fine But behind their eyes They just don't care Lonely people They just don't care Lonely people, lonely people Lonely people, lonely people Beneath these neon streets In subway seats They crowd for air Lonely people, lonely people So close and yet so far They share the secrets Of despair Lonely people, lonely people Lonely people ....