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Superstars (Styx)

You've read about me in the papers You've seen me on the movie screen You know everything about me I'm your late night fantasy But don't think I can't hear you calling From the shadow of the 14th row Cause I've had the same dreams you've had A few short years ago and that's why I know You and I We will climb so high Superstars Whoa whoa you and I And we'll just close our eyes And we'll become our fantasy Superstars yes, yes, superstars Step right this way. Everyone's welcome, We want your dreams. The offer's simple, momentary immortality Cause I've seen them all you know I've seen them climb and I've seen them fall I've seen them come and I've seen them go And through it all there's only one thing that matters Love And that's simply You and I Yes, You and I For we are superstars