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Unfinished Song (Styx)

G F G F G Em 1. Where am I going? Am D How do I get there? Bm Em C C/B Am Am/G What should I bring along? C Bm Are people kind there? Em Cm Is peace of mind there? G F G Will I finally belong? B F 2. Some poets say that There'll come a day that I'll find a place for me Why aren't I there yet? Why can't I share yet? Why can't my heart be free? G C R: Cause you know ships sail their courses G B And heroes ride horses Am C D They know where they belong G C But I travel in circles Em Cm Quickly to nowhere G F G Singing my unfinished song G F G F G C D R: Cause you know... F G F G Unfinished Song, unfinished song