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World Tonite (Styx)

A child is born in the world tonite, underneath the full moonlight And on the nightway a fire starts, diesel engines & broken hearts The girls wanna dance and the boys wanna fight Gonna get rockin' in the world tonite The black cat howls and the mad dog bites Somthing gonna happen in the world tonite Now up in heaven the starts align, stirring up the world tonite In the jungle the power's strong, and tribes are restless all night long And the girls wanna dance, the boys wanna fight Gonna get rockin' in the world tonite Tension's rising, you can cut it with a knoife Sticky situation in the world tonite The world tonite Big moon staring at the world tonite Young blood run free, You can be anything you wanna be Young blood run wild You've got the will of a king and the heart of a child Yeah so gimme a beat cause here I come. Tonite's the night I'm Gonna bang my drum. Gotta million watts on the tip of my tongue And I feel like a trigger on a loaded gun. Crank up the station. Shake the foundation. Wake up the nation We got a situation where someone's got a button, connected to a bomb And it don't matter whose side you're on They can have it all back by the morning light, All we want is the world tonite. Girls wanna dance, the boys wanna fight Gonna get rocking in the world tonite Read all about it in black and white Everybody gone crazy in the world tonite