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No Rest For The Wicked (The Coffinshakers)

Hard times are ahead of me Through hard times I have walked And I guess that dreams I will never see Even death won't bring me peace I think I've been tired all of my life And you've already guessed that I'll never die They say there's no rest for the wicked And I sure have an evil eye No rest for the wicked, no rest for me No rest for the wicked, evil never sleep You know I've died so many times That I've grown tired of the church-bell's chime The earth can't bury the sins that I've done Though living's my only crime Cast him aside, don't cross his path Is what you'll hear when you ask about my name And I guess that it's true, that I'd also kill you And I would even do it without shame No Rest for the Wicked, no rest for me No Rest for the Wicked, evil never sleep