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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Hopeless (The Wrens)

Oh no, not this time too I'm the only one you got to use And if I tell you all this could be Nothing more than a way to leave you Would you want me? And now you're sorry For the things you did to me I want you to know I feel i was the one who got used And used to just about anything you would tell me But those days are more than over now Don't you say you want me to stay Now you've got to get away, You've got to get away, Go find someone who wants you Someone to pray to Get on your knees to Lay down and please you too It just won't be me ever again Hopeless that this will turn out better This isn't what i wanted I should've listened to them Go thank yourself for nothing It's really all you're good for And every year you wasted And every half-assed offer