Strength (No Innocent Victim)

Strength beyond strength The confidence in knowing that the one That I am following is the king King of Kings He was and is and is to come The Lord of Lords the Holy One Jesus my God I'll follow you until the end My love for you will never end Peace, peace of mind Knowing I will never die My name is in the book of life Do you know my strength Do you know our strength Strength in Christ Power beyond power To trample on the serpent's head Withstanding evil until the end Rejoice, rejoice in Christ Because I know that with my God No trial's too hard no fire's too hot Purpose in my life To love my God with everything To follow him through everything Love beyond love The love that my God gives to me Fills emptiness inside of me Life beyond life The life that my God gave to me It broke the chains and set me free Free, free from guilt Because of my God's sacrifice For my sins he paid the price Faith, faith in God Faith that he is always there Surrounding me everywhere Strength beyond strength Only in him can I be strong Without him I could not last long