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Aparicion (Tragic Black)

Aparicion died in dreams two times before. He's so far gone, he can’t take no more. Scars and cuts adorn your skin. Swallowing razors, stabbing in. Iron flavor resting on my tongue, the surface of coagulated blood. Everything has a side effect, disconnected dead distress. (chorus) His shadow is gone. He has no face. He’s a transparent ghost in modern daze. They gather in streets. That’s where they fall, dark silhouettes standing so tall. Stuck in a place. Scarred on the Earth. Accept your death and enter rebirth. Trying so hard to fill in the void of the despaired life you destroyed. There you remain. There you still search. Wandering streets all over the earth with damage. The dawning was darker than ever before. My ribs were bruised, broken and sore. Scars adorn the place you died. A black figure remains hollow inside. What happened right then? That moment in time impressions of death repeat and rewind.