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Fading Echoes (Tragic Black)

Shouting in the darkness. Voices gone unheard. Frozen faces motionless never spoke a word. Within sorrows arms we quickly fell together. As the seasons change, this is changing weather. In a tomb of secrets there is nothing to hide. So take away this sacred heart with all the pain inside. Footsteps echo through the hall. Tip toes through the night. A solitary frozen whisper kills the candle light. Fading Echoes. Fading Echoes. Dreaming and praying on our bloody knee's. Fading Echoes. Fading Echoes. Leaving us dead, dying and diseased. My body shook so fast. I couldn't reach within my grasp. As the jester motioned wearing a feathered mask. Lying on the floor on a gigantic checker board. We lost our grip and fell through the trap door on the floor. God's eyes watched as we quickly fell from grace. I then made one last smile with my pale and frozen face. Porcelain figuirines collapse like falling shards of glass. Shattered faces on the floor will finally die at last.