In Toxic-Nation (The Doom Generation) (Tragic Black)

In this apocalyptic waste of a countries destroyed land The USA's mistakes and the tendencies of man. Widespread death is in the futures eye. Our world's a burning place and the death tolls rising, high. Corruption was the root of this deadly fate. The destructive pollution humanity creates. History repeats itself after every atrocity. The all time degradation of every society. Petroleo poisons men and controls the government. Addicted to the destruction of our natural environment. The ill-informed majorities just believed what they seen. Spoon-fed on propaganda, glued tight to the screen. Fighting again for oil, a plague upon this land. It should be illegal, but it's highly in demand. We're the doom generation in this toxic nation left with no future and no salvation. We are left in this place with the waste of the past. With the smoggy grey skies and terror attacks. Born in this country with a knife in our back. We're the doom generation and we'll be the last. Dying in tyranny. A cultural toxicity. Living so asleep is a perpetual fatality. You sentence us to death. Tuck us into bed. Polluted and condemed in this future up ahead. They destroyed what was alive, all the blood that they drained. If these greedy people had the choice they would do it all again. Time to face the problems that wont go away. Were the doom generation and we're here to stay. We wont sing your anthem's, there's no f**king way! We're the doom generation and were here to say.