Parasitism (Tragic Black)

So parasitic like the bitter saddened truth. Every human freedom stripped away from you. Mutilated future corporate democracy. Parasitic corporations have us under tyranny. The all seeing eye is always watching over you. The ignorance is bliss and the anger is the truth. Being conditioned on a mass scale. The parasites infected us and we cant even tell. Giving up freedom slaving your mind. Characteristics of a parasite. Blood clots stroke through your spine. Characteristics of a parasite. Infections spreading world wide. Characteristics of a parasite. A time bomb ticking that is out of time. Characteristics of a parasite. It's a cultural construction. Its time to open up your eyes and see all the parasites in every facet of life. Parasitic systems drain off us every day. Killing us slowly, decadence in decay. Parasites infect your mind, dwelling deep inside. Parasites infect the country, the country's gonna die!