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Rapture Renowned (Abysmal Dawn)

My lust for power is my life I align myself with those in darkness I do refuse to see yet no I am not blind Now I must endure this on my own Ambitions and cold Now die alone I leave the ones I loved behind Following my wanton heart of darkness My selfish needs the change constantly with time And now my dreams have turned to stone Ambitions and cold Now die alone My disease – mortality Long to live in memories Selfish needs will bring no peace Admit fault to admit defeat [Chorus:] My sins are atoned In rapture renowned My sins are atoned I see the world through narrow eyes You all were fashioned in my likeness Am I not God and has my kingdom come? No, I must endure this on my own Exalt me and praise my likeness Sickening being your time will come Cut from me this rib of darkness Set me free to carry on [Chorus]