Blood Thirst (Kingmaker)

Page after page, keep reading from this book I made In my own blood I keep bleeding but I’m still not saved. I’ve created something bigger than you, bigger than me Bigger than the air we breathe. I’ve condemned us all to death so enjoy this breath, Cause your so was given up to me With this pen I seal our destiny, This will be the last you hear from me. Now that truth has been crushed, It’s time to simply believe. I need you now help me destroy these demons I’ve never known anything more worth leaving It’s christmas in hell and all the damned are screaming Heal us now help us destroy these demons. I found my god, and he is not of this earth. He’s inside of me, And there is nothing I can do to try and change that. So damn you all to hell. Page by page in this book I made. I keep on bleeding but I’m still not saved. Now that I know this is the end of me All can see that I’ve betrayed you in the first degree Souls have forsaken me No sight of a single sign of life in this sunken world The sight of a psychic mind. I’m drawing a blank and I can’t even think And now the binding betrayal is rearing its repulsive head. Blood thirst takes my weathered soul Blood thirst, take me away.