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Delusion (Kingmaker)

I take a step back So I can see myself for what I really am I’m caught in a trap And everything around me is so full of demands. How can I make myself, Out to be positive when positively everything I know Is such a worthless mess, And it’s all that I have. I’m feeling the weight It’s pushing down on my shoulders And it’s crushing me quickly I’ve made my mistakes I can’t seem to calm myself down and be free. Don’t waste my time It’s running out quick The voice in my head is making me sick. I won’t be kind Or put up with bull shit The voice in my head is making me sick. There’s a place in my life for people like you, You’ll never be able to take it. It’s full of anger and fear and I’m so glad you could make it. It’s full of every single thing you fear And I’m so fucking glad you’re here. Positivity’s a thing of the past The new thing is just to have a blast. This is the truth it’s the simple fucking truth Lay on the ground while I tell you the news. Why waste your sweet ass time on positivity When it’s so fucking fun being angry.