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Spite (Kingmaker)

Tell me why I can’t trust that dumb look in your eyes I can’t sift through the mountain of lies. It’s so clear that you’re wasting my life, You belong in hell Satan should make you his wife. My eyes are bleeding pictures of you And everyone can see it within every thing I do. In everything I do and everything I say All I know is I never knew you. You’ll be behind me till I need you And that’s exactly we’re through. It’s simply not enough. You’ll be behind me till the going gets tough. ‘Till the going gets tough. I stay awake late nights just trying to believe a fucking word you say You’re not trusted; you’ll never be trusted no way. And now you’ve left us both bruised And all I wanted was the truth. Now we have nothing left to lose And all I wanted was the truth. With every single breath I take I will continue to make mistakes. Though every moment in my life’s at stake You will continue to be a fake. Death to you I end a petty life. You’re slurring every word nothing’s making sense I want to make this work but there’s nothing left. I want to make my life have a story ending, But now I see that’s impossible. I won’t let your personality disorder, Hold me back I won’t let your personality disorder, Run my life.